batam AGENCY


BATAM AGENCY is a maids agency specialize in providing service to help your Indonesian maids in Batam. We provide all service regarding the arrangement of traveling from employment's home town to Singapore. The facilities we provide such as; airplane ticket, shuttle service, custom clearance protocol assistance, passport renewal, KTKLN card, housing for transit in Batam, U-turn service Singapore-Batam-Singapore, and all documents arrangement.

How to direct hire maids from Indonesia to Singapore?

Just call me. We are specialize in immigration Custom clearance for maids. We can do in Yogjakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and Batam. If the maid come from Lampung Sumatera, Kupang, Sumbawa, and Bali, she must fly to Batam than straight to Singapore. We will give you special price and waranty payment system. process first pay later.

How to Procedure direct hire maid from Indonesia without any agents in Singapore?

It's simple and easy. Just apply 'IPA' to MOM, and security bond of insurance of the maid. Send me all of the IPA and insurance copy, also contact number of your maid. Let me to handle everything of your maid. We arrange flight ticket to Singapore, and also clearing process at Indonesia custom immigration at airport.

Why choose Batam Agency for handling direct hiring FDW or maids ?

We understand that you are looking for the best partner for handling of the maid in Indonesia arranging to Singapore. We understand that as Singaporean, the time is important. Therefore wisdom and precision in selecting the Agency should provide convenience and safety for your maid.

Therefore, BATAM AGENCY that has since 2005 has successfully helped thousands of maids in direct hiring process. Now, We provide the best service for the direct hiring to Singapore.