BATAM AGENCY is a professional agency specialize in providing service to help your Indonesian maids in Batam. We provide all service regarding the arrangement of traveling from employment's home town to Singapore. The facilities we provide such as; airplane ticket, shuttle service from airport to seaport, passport renewal, KTKLN card, housing for transit in Batam, and all documents arrangement.

How to direct hire maids from Indonesia to Singapore?

Batam Agency is the answer of your solution.

Why choose Batam Agency for handling your FDW or maids ?

We do respect trust and mutual security in this business.

Our service is process first and you can pay later. You can pay us when every job well finished. We make sure the maid reach Singapore.

Take action and contact us for your employees arrangement convenience. Let me to handling your maid to prepare of all documentation, air ticket,clearance at batam immigration, and everything you need.

batam AGENCY